Time to get back on Track! Who’s ready to kick some butt?

Hey there portaPT Rockstars,

The 2017 End of Summer Superstar 8 Week portaPT Fitness Challenge is ready to get on its way!  Starting Monday, August 28th, 2017 for Week #1.  Time to BURN THAT SUMMER BUTTER!!

Let me be your coach for the next 8 Weeks where you will receive 2 portaPT workouts to do, along with 2 CORE/STRENGTH workouts per week.  Get back to your Food Journal, Foam Rolling and get some GROUP LOVE with the Secret Facebook Page!

Time to get back on track…I know you may not wanna 🙂 but you know you should because without that commitment, who are we kidding? It just doesn’t get DONE!!  Let’s do it together! 

Sign up at http://www.portapt.com/product/8-week-portapt-coach-challenge/

Get Healthy to Find Your Happy!

Coach JA

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