Punked in the Dunk?

So, the other week my girl (SC) and I went and got DUNKED!  What is that you ask?  We did “Hydrostatic Body Fat Testing” by www.hydrodunk.com.  We lay down on our belly in a tank of water on a metal floating object.  We then blow out all of the air in our lungs that we can, and lay our heads down and just try to be still.  The tester then takes our “lean muscle mass weight” and prints us off a lovely report.  At first I’m not going to lie, I was like, okay I will do this and spend the money for my girl because I know she really wanted to check it out.  Well, let’s just say, I am very happy that I did it and it was the best money I could have spent, maybe not personally but as a Personal Trainer/Coach.

I have done many body fat analysis using body calipers as a Personal Trainer and I felt pretty good atbfcaliper using the method of “more pinch sites equals more accurate results”, thinking, even though this wasn’t the #1 way to do body fat, it had to be pretty close to accurate.  BOY was I wrong at what I thought Body Fat % looked like in the real world.  I honestly went into this test thinking that I was maybe down to 13-14% body fat since I have recently dropped some weight by changing my eating habits and was starting to see more and more muscle and let’s just say I was surprise15% female body fat comparrisond, okay let’s be real, in the beginning I was “gasping” thinking “this can’t be right, how can this be, this is supposed to be the #1 accurate way of doing bodyfat testing? no way, can’t be right”. Just being honest with you and me!  So why such shock and denial?

This is because my perception of what I THOUGHT body fat % should look like was way off and not accurate in my brain, nor in all the testing I had done in the past according to my trusty Personal Training textbooks.  But this being honest with myself is what then made me research this topic a little deeper (as you may know, I hate being “not in the know, or giving false inaccurate blow smoke up your butt” kinda info…so I just had to look into this matter further to prove to myself and my clients that this was legit).

Amazing how once I SAW what true, real people body fat % was, my eyes were opened.  It all made sense!  When textbooks say that 10 to 13% body fat on a woman is ESSENTIAL FAT (competitors will get down in body fat but they will not attempt to stay there, their bodies know it isn’t safe), it made sense when I put it into perspective and SAW the images of real bodies with real body fat % numbers…NOT FLUFF.   Because it was actually seeing the pictures with my own two eyes that helped me wrap my brain around this, I figure I will just let the pictures do the rest of the talking!  And how thankful I am to now say I am a better Personal Trainer for it!  Thank you HydroDunk for schooling me on this very important matter.  For more information on how “Hydrostatic Body Fat Testing”, please email getdunked@hydrodunk.com and tell him Julie-Anne sent you!

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