1. How do I download an Audio Coached Workout?


  1. Check out the different workouts and their descriptions under the SHOP tab.
  2. Choose the workouts you want and Add to your Shopping Cart
  3. When ready to Check Out, click on small Shopping Basket on right hand corner and Checkout
  4. Enter Coupon Code if you have one, proceed to Checkout
  5. If Returning Customer, click to Login otherwise Create an Account, then proceed to PayPal
  6. After doing PayPal you will be returned to www.portaPT.com page, go to My Account (right hand corner), you will find your AVAILABLE DOWNLOADS, click and download, the mp3 will then go into your iTunes  (** you CANNOT do this from your iPhone or iPad, Apple does not allow third-party downloads, please do this from your HOME COMPUTER. The mp3 will download to iTunes, you will then sync with your iPhone/iPad. If you do not follow these instructions, and you download directly to your iPhone, the workout will ONLY STREAM and you will lose your DOWNLOAD. We are not responsible for lost downloads.**)
  7. Put on your running shoes, grab your water bottle and get ready to sweat!

2.  Why can I not download directly to my iPhone?

Unfortunately, Apple does not support downloading files and adding them to iTunes on their mobile products outside of their App Store.  There are plug-ins/third party applications available to enhance this functionality, but they can be difficult to install.  The easiest method is to download the workout routine to your computer so it’s added to iTunes.  You can then sync iTunes to your iPhone.

3. How do I transfer the workout routine to my music media player (iPod, MotoACTV, etc.)?

Once you have downloaded the file, you will sync or copy and paste the file to your device.   The sync’ing function varies by device.  iTunes is the most commonly used software for this function.

4. Forgot your password?  Want to change your password?

Click ‘Login / Register‘ and then click ‘Lost your password?’.  You will receive a screen to enter your email.  You will receive an email with instructions on how to change/reset.  Please be sure to check your JUNK/SPAM folder.

5. Where’s my download?

Sign into My Account. You will see all AVAILABLE DOWNLOADS, or click on your purchased Order Receipt.

6. Is there a way I can download my workouts directly to my Apple iPhone without doing it through my home computer?

Yes there is, you can download an app named MyMedia.  This app will look like a regular browser and you will go to www.portaPT.com and sign into your Account and see your downloads (they should be purchased already at this point).  Please refer to the following POST that will give you STEP by STEP instructions.  It is the 2nd article of the post – How to download workout directly to my iPhone/iPad

7. Is there an easy way to download for ANDROID phone users?

Yes, love Android.  You can directly download the workouts on your phone right from the website.  So sign into website using your phone, go to Your Account and click on a download and watch the magic begin.  It will then be added to whatever music player you have set up as your default.  Gotta love open source Android!

** Please note: I do have a workout named Bootylicious – No Running and it has been noted that this sometimes can interfere with Child Lock/Wifi settings that you may have had set in your home.  You will have to work around this lock down in order to be able to download properly!

8. What is the 8 Week portaPT Health & Fitness Challenge all about?

  • You will be emailed every week for 8 Weeks, 2 portaPT Treadmill workouts to do, along with 2 – 10 to 20 minute Strength/Core Workouts to do! YOU MUST PURCHASE OR OWN the specified portaPT workouts. Fear not, if you don’t already own them, if you join the Challenge, you are given a very nice discount on each workout to help you out with the cost ($9.99 per workout instead of $14.99 – $5.00 savings per workout)
  • You will start Week 1 with a RACE DAY run – This is for all FITNESS LEVELS. All you do on RACE DAY is go for either 30 minutes on the treadmill as fast/hard as you can for the whole 30 minutes, or you do a 5 km/3.1 mile Distance Race Day. This output of energy is all up to you. You just give me your BEST for Race Day (and yes some may have to WALK, or WALK/JOG or WALK/RUN – my point is, you just do the BEST YOU CAN on RACE DAY. THIS IS NOT FOR RUNNERS ONLY, this is a FITNESS CHALLENGE – SIDE POINT – just had a NEWBIE finish her very first 8 Week Challenge and she went from a 15 minute mile pace to nothing but MILES OF SMILES to a 12 minute mile pace and has now signed up for multiple 5k FunRuns.
  • Along with your weekly workouts that your Coach (me) gives you to do, you will also be motivated, inspired and encouraged (through a point system) to KEEP A DAILY FOOD JOURNAL and do DAILY FOAM ROLLING! 🙂 Putting all the pieces of the Puzzle TOGETHER.
  • Each week you will email me your TOTAL POINTS you EARNED for the Week (will go over Point System more when you join the Challenge if clarification is needed – don’t stress about that now). This creates as sense of BEING HELD ACCOUNTABLE to YOU and to YOUR COACH – in other words, you aren’t just left on your own for 8 Weeks and then I check back in, no you will have CONSTANT love and affection from me, haha!!
  • You will be INCLUDED in a SECRET FACEBOOK PAGE where you will be EDUCATED, MOTIVATED and INSPIRED by your fellow Challengers.
  • The Cost of this Challenge is ONLY $49 (and remember you get the heavy discounted workout price if you need to purchase the downloads still – so its a WIN/WIN).
  • What are portaPT Downloadable Audio Coached Workouts? I, Coach JA, personally coach you through some QUALITY 30-45 HIIT Style Workouts on the treadmill. You download these workouts to your Media Player, press PLAY and get ready to SWEAT. The music is PUMPING, your FORM and TECHNIQUE are being cued and you are KICKING BUTT with me your Personal Coach. Visit www.portaPT.com to hear some sample snipits of some of the workouts! If you are training for any upcoming races, these are the best for you, as they give you YOUR QUALITY workouts.