Time to get back on Track! Who’s ready to kick some butt?

Hey there portaPT Rockstars,

The 2017 End of Summer Superstar 8 Week portaPT Fitness Challenge is ready to get on its way!  Starting Monday, August 28th, 2017 for Week #1.  Time to BURN THAT SUMMER BUTTER!!

Let me be your coach for the next 8 Weeks where you will receive 2 portaPT workouts to do, along with 2 CORE/STRENGTH workouts per week.  Get back to your Food Journal, Foam Rolling and get some GROUP LOVE with the Secret Facebook Page!

Time to get back on track…I know you may not wanna 🙂 but you know you should because without that commitment, who are we kidding? It just doesn’t get DONE!!  Let’s do it together! 

Sign up at http://www.portapt.com/product/8-week-portapt-coach-challenge/

Get Healthy to Find Your Happy!

Coach JA

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iPhone Users – How to Download to Your Phone


Many people are afraid to join the portaPT CrazyTrain (as I like to lovingly call it 🙂 because many don’t know how to download the workouts to their iPhones and don’t want to do it from their computers (which is the official way to do it).  OFFICIAL WAY is to download to your computer to iTunes then sync to your phone!

But FRET no more, here is a way that iPhone users can download the portaPT workouts DIRECTLY TO THEIR IPHONES! This can be done in a few easy steps!

1. Download the app MyMedia from your App Store. (see pictures below for STEP by STEP) Open up MyMedia.


2. When you open MyMedia, it will look like a regular browser. Go to www.portaPT.com and LOG IN to your Account.



3. Under my Account, you will find your downloads. LONG CLICK (not just a quick CLICK – hold for pop up box to appear) on a workout and choose DOWNLOAD FILE.


4. SAVE the file. And your workout will begin downloading (will need WiFi or Internet Connection)


5. When you are ready to do the workout, OPEN up MyMedia app and at the bottom, you will find a folder named MEDIA. Open this folder.


6. You will find your workouts here. Click on the workout you are wanting to do and PRESS PLAY!!



And there you have it! No more EXCUSES haha!

1. Bootylicious #2 – NO RUNNING INVOLVED! But believe me when I tell you, you won’t miss it. This workout is INTENSE and the music is PUMPING!! Get ready to CLIMB! Building those BOOTYS!

2. Back to Basics #3 – My new fave. This one is Back to Basics meets Bootylicious meets Hills for Breakfast. Longest time you run is maybe 2 minutes at one time but once again, don’t let that fool you! This run is still intense with all of the incline changes!

3. Dynamic Duo #3 – This Strength/Cardio workout throws in all of your favorites. Deadlifts, Tabatas, Bicep Curls, Push Ups, Heart Rate Games, etc. Another fave! 🙂

DOWNLOAD YOURS TODAY!! 🙂 Don’t miss out on all the fun!

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Favorite Dinner of the Week

STOP CHASING SKINNY! WEIGHT is a SYMPTOM! Attaining your HEALTH ensures Weight Loss! Learn WHY!

Healthy Recipe Alternatives

When deciding to eat for health it is always nice to have some “healthy alternatives” to replace the old unhealthy habits.  Making substitutions in your sweeteners or starches can go a very long way.

Here is my FAVORITE DINNER of the WEEK!  Not only is it delicious (and truth be told I normally HATE ZUCCHINI which is why it took me this long to try) but this meal does exactly what it should for the body.  It not only NOURISHES the body but it helps HEAL the BODY!

Of course, the obvious reason why so healthy is because its a ton of vegetables but also because it doesn’t contain the sugar and starches that BOG down our systems and although may give us an “instant high of pleasure” but only leaves us crashing 30 minutes later.

Here is the RECIPE, haha or should I say Coach JA Style of  a RECIPE! (In other words, I don’t really measure, or follow a strict protocol, haha).



Coach JA Zucchini Noodles w/Spinach – 2 Servings

1 package of Grass fed 85/15% Ground Beef (you decide how much for your family)

2 Organic Zucchinis for just 2 people so add more the higher number of mouths to feed (Dirty Dozen Vegetable – SHOULD BE ORGANIC)

2 – 3 Handfuls of Organic Spinach (really skies the limit here if you love Spinach)

6 tbsp Nutritional Yeast – This is SECRET INGREDIENT to make it taste yummy plus good Vitamin B1!

1/2 Jar of LOW SUGAR based Pasta Sauce – I used “Monte Bene – Spicy Marinara”.  This isn’t necessarily a huge tomato based meal, so you don’t need much, plus it keeps the sugars low 🙂

Any SPICES you like to add to your Pasta Dishes – Garlic, Italian Seasoning, Himalayan Salt etc.

Instructions:  Cook the Ground Beef in your CastIron Pan (haha okay doesn’t have to be Cast Iron but SO MUCH MORE FLAVOR if you get away from T-Fal and non-stick poison :).  I actually leave the FAT and JUICES in the meat and do not drain it but up to you.  Add your Nutritional Yeast and Pasta Sauce into the meat along with your other spices you like.

Add your Zucchini Noodles (I got my Zucchini Spaghetti Maker at Amazon – link below) and Spinach to the pan and Voila!!  Only needing to heat up the Zucchini and Spinach so don’t overcook (let’s keep as many nutrients at optimal levels as we can)!

PUTTING ALL THE PIECES OF THE PUZZLE TOGETHER – Check out my SHOP and download yourself a Combo Strength Weights/Treadmill workout – Dynamic Duo #3 is my new FAVE.

First timer – USE COUPON CODE – tryonmeja15 to receive your FIRST DOWNLOAD FREE.

If you need help downloading the workout to your Media Player, just email me at info@portaPT.com! Let me not only PERSONALLY COACH you through a WORKOUT, but I look forward to being your HEALTH COACH!  Getting you back on the road to recovery.  Healing your body inside out!


From Amazon

From Amazon




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Dialing In Your Running Form

Does it matter how I run as long as I cross the Finish Line injury free?  I mean, sounds good to me, right?   Finishing months and months of training injury free would be ideal and you may think the end all, be all, but what if you could run your Race with less effort, more power AND injury free?  And who said you even have to be one who signs up and spends millions on races such as marathons or 10k’s, how about just TRAIN smarter and happier?

This is where dialing in your running form can help.  Are you a heel striker?  Does it matter if I am and have been all my life and have been injury free? Ok this is a question you really need to ask yourself and honestly answer for yourself…I can’t answer this one for you – some do go injury free their whole running lives…but what if it wasn’t only about injuries? but becoming faster with less effort? – Ohhhhh now do I have your attention back?

Heel Strike equals OWIES

Heel Strike equals OWIES

Just making some very small changes to your running gait can help you become a stronger, more efficient runner.  Today I will address ONE very big change that can either MAKE you or BREAK you!  And because I see this the most in everyone’s racing photos or training selfies 🙂 (no judgments here on the running selfies, I take them all the time too, just after I finish my run since I haven’t quite figured out how to set up my camera on the ground and get those perfect shots like alot of you can – yes I’m jealous, haha)  I think it is the most important to address.

1) Foot placement – If you are a heel striker and especially if have bought into the whole hype of “minimalist” runners, then you are in BIG TROUBLE, maybe not today or tomorrow, but I guarantee, down the road you will be posting your “depressed, I can’t workout” posts due to an injury.  Doesn’t mean you have to throw away all those UBER cute shoes, but it does mean you will want to change your foot strike (and yes I made it all about the cute shoes, but there are other reasons why you should perhaps look into your running gait and analyze it a little deeper.  And NO this is not about bashing minimalist shoes, because I know many a HOKA runners who deal with heel striking injuries).

When you HEEL strike, you are basically “jamming on the brakes” in front of you.  I don’t know about you, but if I’m going to be running for countless miles and time, the last thing I want to do is jam on the breaks.  Not only is it inefficient, but it is very hard on your legs, resulting in much higher impact forces on the heels, knees, hips and back.

By default, most HEEL strikers are also ones who have longer strides, not always, but most times then not. By fully extending the leg to heel strike, you are virtually fully lengthening the hamstring (the muscle in the back of the legs – yes I read Anatomy for Dummies). A long muscle is not the strongest muscle.  When the muscle is overstretched through a long stride and is completely stretched out, it loses its elastic springiness, leading to a slower cadence, more energy wasted by the muscle and a decreased ability to absorb shock… a.k.a setting yourself up for a hamstring tear….and we ain’t got time for that!!  And let us not leave out our quadriceps in this equation…when you over stride you have to fully contract your quads in order to extend the leg fully to reach heel contact.  Once again, all wasted energy that can be tweaked and done away with. Gait cycle free body diagram

By changing your gait to a mid-foot or forefoot, this will put less impact on your body, since bent joints are natural shock absorbers.  The leg contacts the ground perpendicularly to the ground, letting both the hamstring and quad muscle function in a neutral length, which improves muscle elasticity and shock absorption.  If you keep your foot almost directly under the body, (keeping the center of gravity aligned), lean slightly forward and use shorter, faster steps, you will become a more efficient, and dare I say it, a faster runner with less effort and wear and tear on the body.

You will want to aim for 180 Strides Per Minute (SPM).  Keeping your turnover quick and short, no matter the speed your are cranking out.  Be sure to download SPM – The Magic Number from the www.portaPT.com SHOP.  This Audio Coached Workout will have you training the high quick turnover and also let you know where you currently are and what to work on for that faster, happier, more efficient running stride!

Dial In Your Running Form Click here to download a 15 second demonstration of forefoot running form.

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Punked in the Dunk?

So, the other week my girl (SC) and I went and got DUNKED!  What is that you ask?  We did “Hydrostatic Body Fat Testing” by www.hydrodunk.com.  We lay down on our belly in a tank of water on a metal floating object.  We then blow out all of the air in our lungs that we can, and lay our heads down and just try to be still.  The tester then takes our “lean muscle mass weight” and prints us off a lovely report.  At first I’m not going to lie, I was like, okay I will do this and spend the money for my girl because I know she really wanted to check it out.  Well, let’s just say, I am very happy that I did it and it was the best money I could have spent, maybe not personally but as a Personal Trainer/Coach.

I have done many body fat analysis using body calipers as a Personal Trainer and I felt pretty good atbfcaliper using the method of “more pinch sites equals more accurate results”, thinking, even though this wasn’t the #1 way to do body fat, it had to be pretty close to accurate.  BOY was I wrong at what I thought Body Fat % looked like in the real world.  I honestly went into this test thinking that I was maybe down to 13-14% body fat since I have recently dropped some weight by changing my eating habits and was starting to see more and more muscle and let’s just say I was surprise15% female body fat comparrisond, okay let’s be real, in the beginning I was “gasping” thinking “this can’t be right, how can this be, this is supposed to be the #1 accurate way of doing bodyfat testing? no way, can’t be right”. Just being honest with you and me!  So why such shock and denial?

This is because my perception of what I THOUGHT body fat % should look like was way off and not accurate in my brain, nor in all the testing I had done in the past according to my trusty Personal Training textbooks.  But this being honest with myself is what then made me research this topic a little deeper (as you may know, I hate being “not in the know, or giving false inaccurate blow smoke up your butt” kinda info…so I just had to look into this matter further to prove to myself and my clients that this was legit).

Amazing how once I SAW what true, real people body fat % was, my eyes were opened.  It all made sense!  When textbooks say that 10 to 13% body fat on a woman is ESSENTIAL FAT (competitors will get down in body fat but they will not attempt to stay there, their bodies know it isn’t safe), it made sense when I put it into perspective and SAW the images of real bodies with real body fat % numbers…NOT FLUFF.   Because it was actually seeing the pictures with my own two eyes that helped me wrap my brain around this, I figure I will just let the pictures do the rest of the talking!  And how thankful I am to now say I am a better Personal Trainer for it!  Thank you HydroDunk for schooling me on this very important matter.  For more information on how “Hydrostatic Body Fat Testing”, please email getdunked@hydrodunk.com and tell him Julie-Anne sent you!

Looking for a “fat burning” quick workout? Check out the newly released “Dynamic Duo – HIIT Style” Treadmill/Strength workout.  Combines cardio and weights into one fast, fun, “fat burning” workout.

low female body fat percentagesbfmenwomen2-Jolie-and-Jessicabody_fat_percentagestarsbodyfat

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It’s all about the GLUTES baby…

Be sure to get your Bootylicious - No Running workout today!

Be sure to get your Bootylicious – No Running workout today!

I am excited to announce for all you self-proclaimed NON-RUNNERS, that there is a new Audio Coached Treadmill Workout now just for YOU.  This Bootylicious Climb treadmill workout will have you and your legs singing all the way to the top!  This workout is for ALL LEVELS, even you runners!  Time to activate those glutes and legs and your knees will thank you!  Even though I say this is all walking, you know you are always in control of your push, so if you DIE HARDS insist on throwing some running in there, you obviously can, whenever you want, but just be smart…this training profile has a purpose and its to ACTIVATE the glutes that can tend to get lazy or decide they want a free ride in life.

So why do we need to add GLUTE training to our everyday activities?


Add these basic exercises to your training.

Glute muscles gradually lose tone during our chair-laden lifestyle. The terms ‘gluteal amnesia’ and ‘sleeping giant’ probably sound familiar. These terms refer to inhibition and delayed activation of the gluteal muscles, which in time leads to weakness of these muscles. Gluteal inhibition negatively affects performance and lower body strength and is a root cause for many injuries and chronic pain. Low back pain and lower body injuries result in delayed and reduced glute activation with concurrent hamstring and low back compensation

Many hope that stronger glutes will help in treating injuries and improving performance and there is at least some evidence to support this. 

Be sure to incorporate weight bearing exercises to strengthen glutes in a more functional position. This might include single leg squat and single leg deadlift exercises, both of which have demonstrated high levels of gluteus medius activation.

Check out this great article especially those of you experiencing knee problems or low back pain. http://functionalresistancetraining.com/articles/re-activating-and-strengthening-the-gluteal-muscles

Snip it from the article:

Weak or inhibited gluteal muscles contribute to injury

Weak or delayed activation of the gluteus maximus and gluteus medius is a root cause for many injuries and chronic pain.

  1. Hamstring strains: Due to delayed gluteus maximus activity, the hamstring muscles become dominant during hip extension, which can cause hamstring strains [10]. A lot of athletes that pulled a hamstring keep suffering re-injuries despite their focus and efforts to strengthen the hamstrings. They are reinforcing a compensation pattern instead of reactivating their inhibited glutes. Shirley Sahrmann said, “Any time you see an injured muscle, look for a weak synergist.” A synergist is a muscle that performs the same joint motion.
  2. Low back pain: Gluteus maximus activation plays an important role in stabilising the pelvis during the task of lifting [2, 3]. Delayed gluteus maximus activation also causes excessive compensation of the back extensors [30].
  3. Anterior knee pain: The excessive internal rotation of the femur as a result of glute weakness increases the pressure on the patellar cartilage [11, 12, 13].
  4. Anterior hip pain: Decreased force production from the gluteus maximus during hip extension is associated with increased anterior translation of the femur in the acetabulum. The increased femoral anterior glide could lead to increased force and wear and tear on the anterior hip joint structures [10, 14]
  5. Lower-body malalignment: Weak glutes results in increased internal rotation of the femur, knee valgus and foot pronation [35].
  6. Gluteal weakness also has been associated with anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) sprains [15, 16, 17], chronic ankle instability [18], and iliotibial friction syndrome [19].
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For The Love of Intervals…finally here!

Hey everyone,

Check out the new portaPT workout – For The Love of Intervals.  This one is a shorty but a goody.  After your warm up, it will be “interval time”.  This will get you sweaty and breathing heavy but only for a short time, because we all know its just as much about the recovery as it is the hard work!  You will even get to play with some tabatas on this one (fancy word for 20 seconds of High Intensity work to 10 seconds Recovery).  This one can be “tweaked” if you want to do it outdoors.  You would just change the tabatas to SPRINTS instead of the 8% incline run.

Okay don’t want to give too much away…but I promise you, you are gonna love this one.  Its over before you know it AND you get your SWEAT ON without realizing how hard you really worked!! 🙂  Don’t be fooled with all of the walking recovery breaks either, you are getting the job done.  And you are TRAINING SMARTER, NOT HARDER.

Hope you enjoy it! Please be sure to tell all of your friends about my website at www.portaPT.com.  The more love I get, the more inspired I become to make more AND I’m able to keep the price low!!

Thanks for all of your support and happy running!

Running_SHoes3BTW…who’s getting  ready for the 2014 8 Week PortaPT Challenge?? Remember,  you don’t have to consider yourself a RUNNER, to do this challenge.  It just gets you motivated and inspired for the upcoming summer months and keeps you on track! 🙂 🙂  I’m thinking sometime in March, so be ready!! 🙂

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Breathe Baby Breathe AE Cycle Launch

plumpbiker Alrighty then…you guys asked and I have listened…FINALLY!!! :0) Today I’m happy to say that there is a 2nd Cycle Podcast added to the PortaPT library.  This one will have you riding up and down peaks and valleys.  Heart rate will go up and down on this one (range will be 65 to maybe touching 80% Max. HR)!  An athlete needs to TRAIN WITH OXYGEN in order to build their engine.  AEROBIC TRAINING should be the majority of your weekly training.  Not everyday should be Race Day!! (bahaha those of you who take my “live cycle classes” realize I’m throwing every “saying” I say at you here.)  Anyway, I’m not writing you a book today, its short and sweet.  Just go to www.portaPT.com and SHOP and put Breathe Baby Breathe AE Cycle into your shopping cart and Checkout.  And that my friends is all I have to say!! (Wow look at me….a post under 500 words…whoop whoop!)

P.S. Yes I know that this Cycle one is $19.99 but my audience is a bit smaller…okay way smaller with cycle, so I had to bump the price up a bit to justify that 🙂  Hope you still love me!! 

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Looking for motivation? In a “training slump”? Need some inspiration?

Look no further…because Round 2 is coming of the PortaPT 8 Week Run Coach Challenge.  Now is the time to “find a reason” to lace up those shoes, get back on track, WITH THE WHOLE SHABANG again….the quality runs, the CORE/STRENGTH exercises, the foam rolling, the food journaling, etc.  Those who completed the 1st Challenge are itching to get back on track and are looking for some new challengers to join them. exercise-one-hour-a-day2

The 2nd PortaPT 8 Week Run Coach Challenge will begin the week of August 12th, 2013.  That will be RACE DAY WEEK.  You will have that week to complete your RACE DAY!  Race Day is a 30 minute ALL OUT Run on the treadmill at 1% incline OR …. (this is new this round) you can choose to do a 5K Race Day (3.1 miles) (still on a 1% incline), up to you!! (I love giving you the power, just remember though, whatever run you do at the start, you do that same run at the end of the 8 weeks also).

You will then have 8 Weeks of “training”.  I will give you 2 portaPT runs that you must do (in other words, you can’t say, “oh I don’t like that one, I’m going to do this one instead :-)….I’m the BOSS” :-).  You will get points for completing each weeks runs and exercises – honestly, the points really help me to see who is still focused and on track and hasn’t fallen off the bandwagon, you are only competing with yourself but its nice to see what others are doing also and who knows it may inspire you even more (for more information on the RULES of the Challenge, see my previous blog “8 Week Challenge – On Your Mark, Get Set, Go…”)

You will need to have all of the portaPT runs in your library 🙂  There are 2 new ones since the last challenge – Crazy Sprints and Mish Mash Intervals. (not everyone chose to do Crazy Sprints last challenge and stuck with Feel the Need for Speed, but this round you need Crazy Sprints 🙂 )

Tell all your friends, family, workmates and let’s start this challenge off with a BANG!! I am already getting my inventory of “give away prizes”.

Who’s in?? Be sure to go to the SHOP and sign up.  $39.99 I promise will be your best money spent!!

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A Training Day gone NEGATIVE…. :)

runhappy1So I decided in January to sign up to do a back to back marathon (6 weeks in between – PF Chang Rock n Roll to Phoenix Marathon).  I decided that if I got my PR of sub 4 at PF Changs then the Phoenix Marathon would be my “happy training day”, pick something to work on and commit to it while having nothing but fun for the whole 26.2 miles.

Well let me first say, there is NO SUCH THING as running 26.2 miles for “fun”.  exhaustedrun2 My friends kept telling me that, but I thought I really could do since I wasn’t going for any “time” or “goal”.  My main goal was to not get angry but rather stay happy, no matter my time.  I was not to go to the HURT BOX at all.  Well, after my first marathon, I decided I would change things up and go for a different method on this “training day”.  I would aim to do a negative split.  The theory behind a negative split…

  • Running at a slower pace in the beginning of your workout or race allows your muscles and joints to warm up thoroughly, which can help prevent injuries such as pulled muscles.
  • It gradually increases how hard your heart and lungs need to work, so it’s less of a shock to your system.
  • Mood-boosting endorphins will naturally be flowing in the second half, so you’ll have increased energy that allows you to run faster without feeling much effort.
  • Running faster in the end of a race puts you at an advantage psychologically. You’ll feel more confident and have a sense of strength as you pass other runners by.
  • They offer quicker postrun recovery.
  • When consistently doing negative splits in training runs, you’ll inevitably become a faster runner.

So…there you have it, a ‘basic’ definition of a negative split.  And of course the one that appealed to me the most in that list was the one where it said you would run the second half with increased energy without feeling much effort.

Well guess what?? LIES, LIES, LIES, LIES!!!  whyyyyMile 22 sucked just as much as it would have if I didn’t do a negative split AND psychologically it HURT EVEN MORE because I knew I had “no time in the bank” to make up for the fact that I was dying (and once again, this race I wasn’t going for the time but if I were, I would have been devestated on how much I held back on the first 13 miles).  Once I realized that my “training day” was a bust, I do have to admit, with the pain I was in, it was very hard for me to continue, I was no longer “mentally IN IT” because my lesson was learned.  I had a great support team running with me on my training day, Melissa and Cindy, and they were too cute.  toofartoquitThey kept trying to use all of my “inspirational coaching speeches” to keep me going (“come on, now you work through the pain”, “you can do it JA”, haha and even cuter when Melissa finally says “I’m trying to use all your inspirations but it just doesn’t work for me” so then she started to “bust a move” and dance for me (I would post the video but I’m sure she would kill me 🙂 but by this time, my mind and body was no longer in it.  I learned what I needed to know and that is…on paper, you can say NEGATIVE SPLIT is the way to go…but in reality, those last 6 miles still SUCK and there is no such thing as “running without feeling much effort” haha. phxmthmelcinjac

Now realize this, I’m smart enough to know that trying it only ONE TIME and not really ever having “trained” that way had alot to do with it.  But as a coach, I could never just spew out to my clients and say how much easier it would be for someone to run a “negative split” because they would feel so much better if they did, because “it ain’t true”.   Mission accomplished.

I thank all those who came out to cheer me on and support me, Amberly, Suzie, Michelle, Elizabeth, Becca, Melissa, Cindy, Kelli and Jarrett (your great finish line cheers and smiles).  And to those who I knew were there on my journey, just not physically 🙂 Lindy, Karen, Leigh 🙂  DSC_0200 Melissa and Cindy, I thank you for putting up with my “ugly Julie-Anne” and my meltdowns, and all of my walking.  I promised this run was to be happy, and even though I realized that just wasn’t going to happen and can’t exist, I still had to hold onto my goal going in which was to not allow myself to get angry (I save that for real RACE DAYS, and it ain’t pretty which is why I don’t like it to surface very often, haha).  So even though, I was disappointed to discover what I did about the NEGATIVE SPLIT theory, I am very happy that I committed to my “training day” and didn’t allow my ego to get involved.  I only hope this will make me an even better and knowledgeable COACH 🙂  Quitting was NEVER AN OPTION, but walking definitely was, hee hee 🙂 no matter how Melissa and Cindy tried to “coach me” to the finish 🙂 Love you girlies. Thanks again.


NOW WHO’S READY TO COMMIT TO THE 8 WEEK RUN COACH CHALLENGE??  Official start date is Monday, March 11th, 2013, but you have the week of Monday, March 4th to do your RACE DAY TEST RUN.  Remember, you will only be committing to 2 runs per week, at your own level.  Join in on the fun.  Hold yourself accountable. Get committed. Have fun. Train SMART.

Go to SHOP and purchase the 8 Week Run Coach Challenge for $39 ($5 a week basically)

You do have to own all of the treadmill run podcasts.  Any questions, just ask, I’m here for you…..every step of the way!


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